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Parcel to Dubai

With Universal Delivery Solutions

We specialize in transporting parcels to Dubai. To satisfy all of our client’s demands, we collaborate with the top couriers and transportation companies, delivering a broad array of services at the most competitive prices.

We urge you to witness how inexpensive and simple it is to deliver a delivery from anywhere in the United Arab Emirates to Dubai by using our fantastic prices and speedy services. We also ship packages to Dubai from all of the Free Zones. We offer excellent rates with SKYEX, ARAMEX, FEDEX, and DHL to send packages to Dubai from everywhere.

Send a parcel to Dubai for the lowest price or any other nation; it’s simple to quote and another book. You can pay with a credit card or pay in advance. You can pay cash to the driver on collection for household services and exports. Registered customers, businesses, and even private people that ship more than 10 packages each week are eligible for discounts. Keep in mind that if you’re shipping a parcel to Dubai from outside the UAE, it may be liable for tax and import fees based on the price of the item and the purpose for the shipment.

If you’re shipping a bag to Dubai, make sure it’s labeled on the exterior and inside with as much sender and receiver data as possible. If feasible, print two copies of the labels and place one inside the suitcase.

Why Choose UDS To Send Parcel To Dubai?

If you’re seeking an inexpensive courier service to Dubai, we can assist. Yes, we offer the cheapest way to deliver a parcel to Dubai. Each day, we courier numerous goods to Dubai; clients want a safe and dependable shipping service for delivery to Dubai that can transport their cargo to Dubai. We provide free pick up and packaging in India and adequate paperwork and secure transportation to Dubai. Following your shipping to Dubai, we include an online package tracking system.

We are glad to announce an online parcel booking platform for delivery companies to Dubai. Dwarka Courier was created to deliver rapid delivery for your courier to Dubai. You can transport your cargo to Dubai within only a few clicks.

Dwarka Courier Service is regarded as one of the greatest cargos and courier services since it offers a safe and cost-effective method of sending an item to Dubai. We provide an expedited courier service with delivery in Dubai on the same day or the following day. In India, we offer a free pickup service from your home with packaging materials. We are completely dedicated to exceeding your expectations whenever you utilize our service to mail goods from India.

We do have a worldwide footprint and a vast logistical network. Our local package delivery services allow us to provide our customers with the speedy and dependable same-day deliveries they want. We have hundreds of skilled agents and many operating centers across Dubai and other places, which is why we are considered the top courier service.

Types of Services Parcel Services We Offer Dubai


UDS is constantly searching for ways to make air freight shipping operations easier and more convenient for our clients.

 With years of expertise and a wide relationship of agents in the UK and throughout the world, we not just do take care of your goods. Still, we also remove the stress of paperwork and taxes off your shoulders – we offer comprehensive Customs Clearance support.

 All you have to do for your luggage is inform us of reasonable pick-up date and place. Then, our van will collect your baggage, boxes, and gifts at the appointed hour.

 Because Universal Delivery Solutions is located near Heathrow Airport and has quick access to the freeway, we can save time on local transport.

Universal Delivery Solutions’ location near Heathrow Airport, with convenient access to the freeway, helps our local couriers save time on the trip.

 We’ll make sure your goods are picked up from the airport and delivered on schedule to your destination, whether it’s in the United States or abroad.

Charges to Be Expected

  • £45 for standard customs clearance. This fee is paid to customs to clear your delivery.
  • Airline Handling Charge: The airline assesses this fee, which varies (usually £0.22 per kg/minimum £45).
  • The fee for transferring airline bonds is £0.15 per kg with a minimum of £45.
  • Charges for delivery to your home or company are determined by the distance from the airport and the weight and size of the item. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., is standard delivery.
  • Charges for timely delivery in the nights, early mornings, and weekends, as well as delivery by a “tail-lift truck” on-demand and estimate.

Delivery to an Amazon FBA site is done on a case-by-case basis with a quotation. Once customs have processed your package, you are invited to pick it up from the airport warehouse. The following terms and conditions apply. To be able to pick up the cargo yourself, you’ll need specific identification. This is not suggested if you are not a seasoned business importer.

What We require from Your part

For Personal imports

  • A duplicate of the airway bill and any other documentation you may have, including a supplier’s invoice, notification of arrival, and so on.
  • A TOR number is a unique identifier for you. Import taxes may apply if you do not have a TOR number.
  • A complete list of the shipment’s contents, including individual item values.

Commercial Imports for a Business:

  • An EORI number is required for commercial imports. If necessary, we can assist you in obtaining one.
  • Any other valid Duty Relief Certificate, a copy of the invoice, and a packing list.
  • In case you have one, your deferral account number.
  • DTI assigns commodity codes or HS codes.

Sea freight:

Universal Delivery Solutions is available to assist with the clearing and delivery process from FCL to LCL. This procedure may be highly difficult, from loading and unloading to devanning products for LCL Cargo. UDS is here to take the pressure off and make things run smoothly at a low cost.

All you have to do is let us know a suitable time and location for pick-up. Then, our van will arrive and retrieve the boxes/parcels at the agreed-upon time.

We’ll ensure your goods are gathered at the opposite end and delivered to your location on schedule.

Road freight:

Universal Delivery Solutions aspires to be your one-stop destination for all your road freight requirements.

Allow us to relieve you of the stress. UDS is here to handle the procedure and let you appreciate the service, from organizing haulers and quotes to collections and deliveries.

You have to let us know a convenient time and location for pick-up. Then, our van will arrive at the agreed-upon time and collect the boxes/parcels.

 We execute on schedule, efficiently, and quickly. We will ensure that your goods are picked up from your home and transported to your desired location.

Other services:

UDS offers a wide choice of parcel delivery options. We guarantee that we will deliver at the correct location at the right time for the lowest feasible price.

Speak to us today if you need to transport urgent, confidential, or delicate products or papers to any location on the planet. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Same Day/Overnight Delivery

Do you need to deliver a document or product the same day or the next day? Do not be alarmed! Harrow, Wembley, Hayes, Hounslow, Heathrow, Uxbridge, Southall, Brentford, London City, East London, Park Royal, Slough, Reading, Maidenhead, Windsor, Bracknell, Ascot, Egham, Heathrow Airport, Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Watford, Northampton, Luton, Milton Keynes, Gerrard’s Cross, Cambridge, Newbury, Edinburgh, and more are among

Pallet Distribution

Each of our services is personalized to meet the needs of our customers with every pallet delivery. Through a successful mix of cutting-edge technology, industry innovation, and quality controls, we provide a dependable and cost-effective delivery.

We offer various services to make sure that your items are delivered securely, reliably, swiftly, and effectively, whether it’s a single pallet or a huge cargo.

Customs Clearance Service

Customs clearance entails preparing and submitting documentation as a requirement for effective facilitation of export/import operations, representing the customer during customs examination, evaluation, including duty payment, and the firm receiving goods and documents from customs following clearing.

By removing all administrative obstacles and assuring no delays or fines, we can make the entire customs clearance procedure easier and more reliable for our clients.

Consulting Services

For a little cost, UDS is available to deliver skilled and instructive information to our third parties anytime they are needed.

UDS believes in lending a helping hand whenever and wherever feasible. We give competent advice to meet all of our client’s requirements and provide door-to-door delivery service so that you can sit back and relax while we handle the details.


Are you considering relocating? UDS will provide custom-made removals as well as storage solutions, as well as guidance on container quantities, customs laws and regulations, and administration of all elements of moving home items to and from any location in the globe, as well as export packing and shipping (by sea, air, or road).

Excess Baggage/Concierge Service

The amount of free luggage that can accompany a customer on a trip is strictly regulated by all airlines. This allotment varies depending on the ticket class used and the destination.

If you surpass this weight by more than 0.5kg, you will be charged an “extra baggage” fee, severely enforced. This fee is high, and it is usually calculated as “1% of the full price economy class flight” to your destination. In addition, excess luggage is often charged per kilogram, with some airlines costing as much as $70.00 per kilogram submitted at the airport check-in desk.

If you find yourself in this position, phone UDS and we will bring your luggage to you at a very low cost.

Clients Testimonials

“We are obliged to get in touch with UDS, who delivers the best service in the Town….” Robin Christopher

“One of the best courier service providers that I have opted for. Minimal charges and great service. Keep it going….” Rakesh Majumdar.

Prices to Send Parcel To Dubai

UAE is one of INDIA’s most important trading partners, so if you’re among the many organizations wishing to send exchanges to the nation, you’ve come to the correct place. UAE is one of the fastest-growing economies globally, with several open doors for Indian businesses. With our rapid and easy-to-use quote system, we make delivering a delivery to the United Arab Emirates straightforward and hassle-free. Our carrier, Worldwide Necessity administration, is the finest if you require a parcel to meet with the recipient quickly. On the other hand, our carrier – Expedited administration is mind-boggling if you require a product to meet up with the beneficiary as quickly as time permits.

You’ll also be able to follow the project reliably; if you feel the necessity to keep clients, relatives, or partners informed, you can just log on and check where your package is. That’s exactly how apparent it is! Moreover, if you need a quotation for your shipment to UAE from one of the world’s leading dispatch administrations, simply fill out our simple form with your cargo details. We’ll provide you with a postage estimate in seconds.

We collaborate with the world’s most well-known parcel delivery to UAE organizations to ensure shipments arrive on time and in the best possible shape. When shipping to UAE for business or personal purposes, having the ability to trace a shipment and having the genuine peace of mind of knowing that your package has left INDIA and arrived safely at its destination is critical. This is why, at Courier Force, we provide you with the possibility to track the progress of your packages using cutting-edge technology.

Door to Door- 

The prices below are for door-to-door courier services from India to the United Arab Emirates. These rates are the most affordable in India for sending a courier to the United Arab Emirates. This is done through a courier business that is the finest in the market for parcel delivery to the UAE. Again, Courier Force is one of the few organizations in the UAE that has its package distribution network. It would take 1 to 3 working days for your shipment to arrive in the UAE from India. We will simply pick up the parcel from your place of work or house in India and deliver it to your destination location in the United Arab Emirates.

Courier Charges For Sending Courier To Dubai, Uae

0.5 KgINR 1,867
1 KgINR 2,074
2 KgINR 2,617
3 KgINR 3,766
4 KgINR 4,219
5 KgINR 4,671
6 KgINR 6,048
7 KgINR 6,558
8 KgINR 7,268
9 KgINR 7,778
10 KgINR 8,288
11 KgINR 8,745
12 KgINR 9,208
13 KgINR 9,671
14 KgINR 10,134
15 KgINR 10,597
16 KgINR 11,060
17 KgINR 11,523
18 KgINR 11,988
19 KgINR 12,451
20 KgINR 12,914
21 KgINR 14,325
22 KgINR 14,766
23 KgINR 15,204
24 KgINR 15,644
25 KgINR 16,083
26 KgINR 17,023
27 KgINR 17,462
28 KgINR 17,902
29 KgINR 18,340
30 KgINR 18,781
31 KgINR 19,219
32 KgINR 19,660
33 KgINR 20,098
34 KgINR 20,538
35 KgINR 20,977
36 KgINR 21,417
37 KgINR 21,856
38 KgINR 22,296
39 KgINR 22,734
40 KgINR 23,175
41 KgINR 23,613
42 KgINR 24,054
43 KgINR 24,492
44 KgINR 24,932
45 KgINR 25,191
46 KgINR 25,733
47 KgINR 26,276
48 KgINR 26,817
49 KgINR 27,360
50 KgINR 27,903

Import Restrictions To Know Before Sending Parcel To Dubai

Certain goods are forbidden, and others are limited due to customs and airline rules. Under no circumstances may prohibited materials be sent. Restricted products can be transported, but further permissions can take time and delay your delivery by a day or more. When shopping, look at the list of PROHIBITED and RESTRICTED products.

Counterfeit products are not allowed to be exported through Emirates Delivers. Examples are movies, DVDs, software, apparel, wallets and purses, and sunglasses. It is also banned to carry counterfeit toy weapons, paintball guns, “BB guns,” antique weapons, knives, swords, fake grenades, and other objects that may be used as weapons. Such items should not be sent to the Emirates Delivers facility. These products will be seized, forfeited from your account, and disposed of following applicable United States laws and regulations.


For illicit substances, Emirates Delivers has a strong zero-tolerance policy. These items are illegal and will be reported to the authorities:

● • Narcotics, cannabis/marijuana, and psychotropic drugs are all controlled or unlawful substances.

● • Synthetic cannabis/herbal incense 

● • Chemicals

Any account belonging to a member who transports illicit substances will be terminated.

Alcohol and tobacco:

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is banned. Entry into the United Arab Emirates shall be restricted for alcohol, liquor, and any foodstuff comprising it or flavoring thereof. Exposed to harmful materials/dangerous products transportation rules, some alcohol products may be banned. Tobacco items, such as cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco, are prohibited from being imported into the United Arab Emirates. The use of e-cigarettes is authorized. Please be aware that some e-cigarette devices, pods, liquids, and other similar goods may be classified as tobacco products and hence forbidden from entering the UAE.

 Please keep in mind that alcohol in fragrances, nail paint removers, and floor cleaners may be restricted but not outlawed.

Medicine, dietary supplements, and cosmetics:

Emirates Delivers doesn’t export prescription pharmaceuticals, including Human Growth Hormones (HGH), prohormones, or stem cell-derived medications (even if not RX). Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are also not sent by Emirates Delivers. In particular, all OTC drugs and nutritional supplements must follow the FDA’s labeling rules. Products may also be banned from export if they are dangerous to users or if authorities have issued consumer health warnings.

OTC drugs, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics are forbidden if they: 

• Are transported to the United States from outside the United States (cosmetics are exempt) 

• Are not packaged and labeled in English 

• Are opened or not completely and properly sealed 

• Do not follow FDA labeling criteria

Dietary Supplements are defined as:

● Vitamins

● Minerals

● Herbs or botanicals

● Amino acids

● Concentrates, metabolites, components, extracts, or a synthesis of any of the ingredients listed above may be prohibited or forbidden by the United Arab Emirates; you are responsible for verifying that any such product may be legitimately imported.

Customs Information 

​​​​​For Business

● Goods that are prohibited or restricted

● Offenses Against Customs

● Goods that are permitted

● Luggage & Items Allowed

● Excess Quantity and Value are subject to duty.

For Individuals

● Goods that are prohibited or restricted

● Offenses Against Customs

● Goods that are permitted

● Luggage & Items Allowed

● Excess Quantity, as well as Value, are subject to duty.

● Personal belongings 

● Procedure for Clearance

● Procedures for Refunding 

● Travelers’ Processes for Declaring Money

● Passenger Deposit Refund Procedure Exhibition Goods Requirement for Travellers

● Duty Payable on Extra Quantity/Value for Travellers

● Admission of Exhibition Goods Supporting Passengers temporarily

For Travellers

● Goods that are prohibited or restricted

● Offenses Against Customs

● Goods that are permitted

● Luggage & Items Allowed

● Excessive Quantity and Value are subject to duty.

● Personal belongings Procedure for Clearance

● Procedures for Refunding Travelers Guidelines for Claiming Money

● Passenger Deposit Refund Procedure Exhibition Goods Requirement for Travellers

● Duty Payable on Excess Quantity/Value for Travellers

● Admission of Exhibition Goods Accompanying Passengers temporarily