Air Freight

UDS is always looking for ways to simplify air freight shipping procedures, to make it easy and hassle-free for our customers.

With many years of experience and a strong network of agents in the UK and worldwide, not only do we take care of your cargo, but we also take the burden of documentation and customs off of your shoulders - we provide full support for Customs Clearance.

For your luggage, all you need to do to is let us know a convenient date and the pick-up location. Our vehicle will then collect your luggage, boxes and parcels at the specified time.

Since Universal Delivery Solutions are based near Heathrow Airport, with easy access to the motorway, it helps to save time on travel our local couriers.

We will make sure that your belongings are collected at the airport and are delivered on time to your destination – nationwide or overseas.

Customs Clearance Charges for Air Freight Import

Charges to Be Expected

Standard Customs Clearance: £45. This charge is made by us to customs to clear your shipment.

Airline Handling Charge: This charge is made by the airline and varies (normally £0.22 per kg /minimum £45.

Airline Bond Transfer Fee: £0.15 per Kilo/minimum £45.

Delivery Charges to your home or business: These charges depend on distance from the airport and the weight and dimensions of the shipment. Standard delivery is from Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm.

Timed Delivery Charges: These refer to timed delivery in the evenings, early morning and weekends or by a "tail-lift truck" on request and by quotation.

Delivery to an Amazon FBA location is done on request and by quotation. You're most welcome to collect your shipment from the airport warehouse once customs have cleared it. Terms and conditions apply. Specific ID is required to enable you to collect the shipment yourself. However, if you're not an experienced commercial importer this is not recommended.

Other Charges That You Need to Be Aware Of

  • Customs Import VAT and Duty. This is mainly for commercial imports or private imports without a TOR.
  • Airline Storage. The day of arrival for shipments arriving at the airport is "free time" before the airline will charge storage. Storage is then charged at the rate of £18 per 100 Kilo or part thereof per day
  • Local Government fees for health inspection of food or items selected at random for inspection by HMRC or Trading Standards will incur government inspection fees.
  • A £25 Bank Chaps Fee will be charged if we need to pay HM Customs VAT and Duty on your behalf on the same day.
  • A 15% Agency Fee will be charged in case we advance charges on your behalf to a Government Agency, Carrier or other (minimum £45, per payment made on your behalf). This will be added to your invoice to cover our administrative costs.

What We Need from You

For Personal Imports

  • Copy of the airway bill and anything else you may have such as a supplier’s invoice, notice of arrival etc.
  • A TOR number. If you do not have a TOR number import taxes may apply.
  • A detailed list of contents of the shipment with individual item values.

For Business Imports

  • Commercial Imports for a business will require an EORI number. We can help you apply for one if required.
  • Copy of invoice and packing list and any other valid Duty Relief Certificate.
  • Your deferment account number if you have one.
  • Commodity codes or HS Codes given by DTI.

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