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Send Parcel to Nepal

Courier To Nepal From UK With UDS

Courier to Nepal From UK

Nepal is a country which is landlocked between India and China. It has many rural and remote areas and the weather conditions become extreme during certain situations. Therefore, send parcel to Nepal from UK includes a set of challenges and it is not extremely smooth. Individuals need to consider certain essential factors during the shipping process to ensure efficiency. 

However, if you choose the right shipping company for your UK to Nepal parcel delivery, then the process will not be as difficult as it sounds. The shipping company needs to be technologically advanced and must have a sophisticated logistics network to conduct successful delivery.

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At Universal Delivery Solutions, you get everything you require to send parcel to Nepal from UK. It is the ideal shipping company that has been operating for years and understands the shipping mechanism thoroughly. The company is proud of itself as they provide outstanding customer services and offer unique shipping solutions for sending UK to Nepal parcels


When individuals send packages abroad, they need to choose a trustworthy international courier. At UDS, you will receive a trustworthy experience as the company ensures that your parcels are delivered on time. They offer a bespoke service to their customers while shipping their belongings of any size to Nepal reliably and safely. 

Why We Are the Best Option For Courier to Nepal From UK

Simply knowing that UDS is the ideal logistics company for shipping to Nepal is not enough. You Need to understand the reasons that signify that UDS is the best option for your shipping. You can arrange easy and cheap postage to Nepal from UK. There is no hassle of dropping off or picking up luggage from specific locations as the team arranges everything. 

The shipment is delivered to the location of your choice within a few clicks. Universal Delivery Solutions can ensure that your shipments of every size and shape are delivered safely. The logistics experts will answer your questions regarding sending your parcel from the UK to Nepal

UK to Nepal Shipping Information

Shipping to Nepal from the UK includes a distance of 4500 miles which is time-consuming and costly. However, UDS offers the cheapest way to send parcels to Nepal from UK. You can either ship your package via road, water, or air, depending on your urgency and budget. Shipping to Nepal via the ocean takes around 60 to 90 days while shipping via air takes 7 to 14 days. Even though air transit is much cheaper, it is quite costly and requires a heavy investment. Either way, choose UDS to ship to Nepal at the cheapest cost as the company tailors customised solutions for their customers.

Nepal Custom Information You Need to Know

Each country has certain specific customs rules that are essential to know the sender. Since you are shipping your postage to Nepal from the UK, you need to remain aware of the regulations for a smooth journey. Primarily, you need to complete a form of customs declaration before sending your parcel to Nepal. During the booking process, UDS will send a form and you need to fill it in along with the labels. 

However, please keep in mind that the recipient of the UK to Nepal parcel will need to pay customs duties to release their shipment. The customs officers will contact the recipient after the arrival of the shipment in Nepal. Consequently, the recipient needs to be available and arrange the fees required to be paid. Therefore, you need to include the right contact details of the recipient to avoid confusion. 



In Nepal, the Harmonized Tariff System is used for customs calculations. It classifies the import duty rates on the shipment as it varies from zero to 80%. When you send parcels to Nepal from the UK, the contents of the shipments are liable for a 13% value-added tax. It is levied on the CIF and the customs duty value. 

Therefore, the documents required for cheap shipping to Nepal from the UK include; 

Since you are importing goods to Nepal, a licence is not required. However, if your goods contain banned or restricted items, then a licence is required. 

To ship postage from the UK to Nepal, traders need to provide their taxpayer’s certificate and general export and import permit. It is essential to import goods to Nepal. 

You can contact the customer service of UDS for any additional query related to customs. It is advisable for the sender of the shipment to check the official customs page before sending postage to Nepal from the UK

Prohibited Items to Ship in Nepal

While you send parcels from the UK to Nepal, you need to remain aware of the import regulations. There are integral details about the restricted and prohibited goods that you cannot ship to Nepal. Therefore, you must consider the details of import restrictions to ensure that your package is not stopped during customs. 

The rules regarding restricted goods that regulate the shipping process are extremely strict. So, you should check the contents of your shipment thoroughly before sending parcel Nepal to the UK. Ensure that the items you are sending can be sent across international borders and do not include dangerous or valuable products. Below a list of restricted or prohibited items in Nepal is provided. 

As mentioned above, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that your shipment is free of prohibited and restricted goods. If any such item is found, your postage from the UK to Nepal will be termed unsuitable and UDS will not ship it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You need to fill out a customs declaration form when you send a shipment to Nepal from the UK. It might sound complex, but there is nothing to worry about as UDS will simplify things for you. They will send the form after you book the shipping and you need to fill in the required information.

As mentioned before, Nepal is a landlocked country between China and India. Consequently, it does not have a direct seaport for importing goods. If you wish to send parcels to Nepal from the UK, you need to transport the shipment to the Calcutta port by land. The shipment is loaded from the port in a ship and is sent to the final destination. It is the cheapest way but takes around 60 to 90 days. 

Yes. Since Nepal is a landlocked country, the shipping charges are comparatively higher than in other countries. Therefore, if you ship to Nepal from anywhere in the world, you will need to pay a higher charge. 

It completely depends upon your requirements and budget. If you urgently need to ship your postage to Nepal and have a good investment, then choosing air transit is the best. Otherwise, shipping via the ocean is cheap but time-consuming. 

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