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Send Parcel To Dubai from UK With UDS

We specialise in transporting courier to Dubai from UK. To satisfy all of our client’s demands, we collaborate with the top couriers and transportation companies, delivering a broad array of services at the most competitive prices.

We urge you to witness how inexpensive and simple it is to deliver a courier UK to Dubai by using our fantastic prices and speedy services. We also ship packages to Dubai from all of the Free Zones. We offer excellent rates with SKYEX, ARAMEX, FEDEX, and DHL to send packages to Dubai from everywhere.

Send a parcel from UK to Dubai at the lowest price or any other nation; it’s simple to quote and another book. You can pay with a credit card or pay in advance. You can pay cash to the driver on collection for household services and exports. Registered customers, businesses, and even private people that ship more than 10 packages each week are eligible for discounts. Keep in mind that if you’re shipping UK to Dubai parcel, it may be liable for tax and import fees based on the price of the item and the purpose for the shipment.

If you’re shipping a courier to Dubai, make sure it’s labeled on the exterior and inside with as much sender and receiver data as possible. If feasible, print two copies of the labels and place one inside the suitcase.

Why Choose UDS for UK to Dubai Postage?

If you’re seeking an inexpensive courier service to Dubai, we can assist. Yes, we offer the cheapest way to deliver a parcel to Dubai. Each day, we courier numerous goods to Dubai; clients want a safe and dependable shipping service for delivery to Dubai that can transport their cargo to Dubai. Following your shipping to Dubai, we include an online package tracking system.

We are glad to announce an online parcel booking platform for delivery companies to Dubai. UDS Courier was created to deliver rapid delivery for your courier to Dubai. You can transport your courier to Dubai within only a few clicks.

UDS Courier Service is regarded as one of the greatest cargos and courier services since it offers a safe and cost-effective method of sending an item to Dubai. We provide an expedited courier service with delivery in Dubai on the same day or the following day. We are completely dedicated to exceeding your expectations whenever you utilize our service to send goods from UK.

We do have a worldwide footprint and a vast logistical network. Our local package delivery services allow us to provide our customers with the speedy and dependable same-day deliveries they want. We have hundreds of skilled agents and many operating centers across Dubai and other places, which is why we are considered the top courier service.

Tips to Avoid Custom Delays

Some customs delays are unavoidable. However, if you need to save yourself the stomach ache and avoid border control delays, take the following five steps:

Correct Certification

If any product in your shipment is regulated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the legislation requires you to obtain a certification confirming that it meets safety standards.

Filing for Importer Security

ISF is a confidentiality document that must be presented at the port at least 24 hours before loading foreign cargo. Plan ahead of time, as loading can take place days before departure. We recommend that you have ISF documentation ready well in advance if you want to avoid bottlenecks at customs. In ISF filing, eight elements must be reported.

Paperwork that is correct

Customs delays are frequently the result of simple paperwork errors. To avoid extra delays, make sure to represent each item in the shipment adequately.


Work with an importer to ensure proper categorization and to avoid customs delays. There are various types of import tariffs that you may be charged, so it’s critical to understand which costs are higher under which circumstances.

Types of UK to Dubai Parcel Delivery Services


UDS is constantly searching for ways to make air freight shipping operations easier and more convenient for our clients.

With years of expertise and a wide relationship of agents in the UK and throughout the world, we not just do take care of your goods. Still, we also remove the stress of paperwork and taxes off your shoulders – we offer comprehensive Customs Clearance support.

All you have to do for your luggage is inform us of reasonable pick-up date and place. Then, our van will collect your baggage, boxes, and gifts at the appointed hour.

Because Universal Delivery Solutions is located near Heathrow Airport and has quick access to the freeway, we can save time on local transport.

Universal Delivery Solutions’ location near Heathrow Airport, with convenient access to the freeway, helps our local couriers save time on the trip.

We’ll make sure your goods are picked up from the airport and delivered on schedule to your destination, whether it’s in the United States or abroad.

Charges to Be Expected

  •  £45 for standard customs clearance. This fee is paid to customs to clear your delivery.
  • Airline Handling Charge: The airline assesses this fee, which varies (usually £0.22 per kg/minimum £45).
  • The fee for transferring airline bonds is £0.15 per kg with a minimum of £45.
  • Charges for delivery to your home or company are determined by the distance from the airport and the weight and size of the item. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., is standard delivery.
  •  Charges for timely delivery in the nights, early mornings, and weekends, as well as delivery by a “tail-lift truck” on-demand and estimate.

Delivery to an Amazon FBA site is done on a case-by-case basis with a quotation. Once customs have processed your package, you are invited to pick it up from the airport warehouse. The following terms and conditions apply. To be able to pick up the cargo yourself, you’ll need specific identification. This is not suggested if you are not a seasoned business importer.


What we require from you

For Personal imports

  • A duplicate of the airway bill and any other documentation you may have, including a supplier’s invoice, notification of arrival, and so on.
  • A TOR number is a unique identifier for you. Import taxes may apply if you do not have a TOR number.
  • A complete list of the shipment’s contents, including individual item values.

Commercial Imports for a Business:

  • An EORI number is required for commercial imports. If necessary, we can assist you in obtaining one.
  • Any other valid Duty Relief Certificate, a copy of the invoice, and a packing list.
  • In case you have one, your deferral account number.
  • DTI assigns commodity codes or HS codes.

Sea freight

Universal Delivery Solutions is available to assist with the clearing and delivery process from FCL to LCL. This procedure may be highly difficult, from loading and unloading to devanning products for LCL Cargo. UDS is here to take the pressure off and make things run smoothly at a low cost.

All you have to do is let us know a suitable time and location for pick-up. Then, our van will arrive and retrieve the boxes/parcels at the agreed-upon time.

We’ll ensure your goods are gathered at the opposite end and delivered to your location on schedule.

Road freight

Universal Delivery Solutions aspires to be your one-stop destination for all your road freight requirements.

Allow us to relieve you of the stress. UDS is here to handle the procedure and let you appreciate the service, from organizing haulers and quotes to collections and deliveries.

You have to let us know a convenient time and location for pick-up. Then, our van will arrive at the agreed-upon time and collect the boxes/parcels.

 We execute on schedule, efficiently, and quickly. We will ensure that your goods are picked up from your home and transported to your desired location.

Other services

UDS offers a wide choice of parcel delivery options. We guarantee that we will deliver at the correct location at the right time for the lowest feasible price.

Speak to us today if you need to transport urgent, confidential, or delicate products or papers to any location on the planet. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Same Day/Overnight Delivery

Do you need to deliver a document or product the same day or the next day? Do not be alarmed! Harrow, Wembley, Hayes, Hounslow, Heathrow, Uxbridge, Southall, Brentford, London City, East London, Park Royal, Slough, Reading, Maidenhead, Windsor, Bracknell, Ascot, Egham, Heathrow Airport, Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Watford, Northampton, Luton, Milton Keynes, Gerrard’s Cross, Cambridge, Newbury, Edinburgh, and more are among

Pallet Distribution

Each of our services is personalized to meet the needs of our customers with every pallet delivery. Through a successful mix of cutting-edge technology, industry innovation, and quality controls, we provide a dependable and cost-effective delivery.

We offer various services to make sure that your items are delivered securely, reliably, swiftly, and effectively, whether it’s a single pallet or a huge cargo.

Consulting Services

For a little cost, UDS is available to deliver skilled and instructive information to our third parties anytime they are needed.

UDS believes in lending a helping hand whenever and wherever feasible. We give competent advice to meet all of our client’s requirements and provide door-to-door delivery service so that you can sit back and relax while we handle the details.

Customs Clearance Service

Customs clearance entails preparing and submitting documentation as a requirement for effective facilitation of export/import operations, representing the customer during customs examination, evaluation, including duty payment, and the firm receiving goods and documents from customs following clearing.

By removing all administrative obstacles and assuring no delays or fines, we can make the entire customs clearance procedure easier and more reliable for our clients.


Are you considering relocating? UDS will provide custom-made removals as well as storage solutions, as well as guidance on container quantities, customs laws and regulations, and administration of all elements of moving home items to and from any location in the globe, as well as export packing and shipping (by sea, air, or road).

Excess Baggage/Concierge Service

The amount of free luggage that can accompany a customer on a trip is strictly regulated by all airlines. This allotment varies depending on the ticket class used and the destination.

If you surpass this weight by more than 0.5kg, you will be charged an “extra baggage” fee, severely enforced. This fee is high, and it is usually calculated as “1% of the full price economy class flight” to your destination. In addition, excess luggage is often charged per kilogram, with some airlines costing as much as $70.00 per kilogram submitted at the airport check-in desk.

If you find yourself in this position, phone UDS and we will bring your luggage to you at a very low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you unaware of the reformed Customs Clearance regulations? Then it's time to learn the fundamentals of Customs Clearance and how you can make it more convenient for you and your company with the help of UDS. Customs procedures and their clearing are passing goods through the customs for them to cross the border and enter the country. 

Customs clearance is a process that must be completed before goods can indeed be imported or shipped overseas internationally. If a parcel is cleared, the shipping company will provide documentary evidence confirming the payment of customs duties, and the shipping will be handled.

Here's a list of services offered by UDS for clients to select when trying to send a courier to another place.

  • Air Export of Goods
  • Air Import of Goods
  • Airport collections
  • Export Airfreight
  • Import Customs Clearance
  • Multi Drop Deliveries
  • Next day parcel delivery to Dubai
  • Parcel Delivery Nationwide and Internationally
  • Parcel Tracking for Goods
  • Road Freight
  • Same Day Couriers
  • Same Day National Deliveries
  • Special Delivery of Goods

Shipping internationally could indeed take a long time, not just because of the logistics involved as well as the number of times the packages pass through hands, but rather because your package may become stuck in customs in the destination country, where it'll be analysed to see if the receiver owes any taxes or duties for importing it.

The UDS marketplace employs a shipping estimator to determine the lowest prices for transporting your things from area A to point B using a variety of couriers. You can track your shipment from the time it leaves your hands until it reaches the recipient with full tracking on practically all of our parcel delivery. We usually recommend including the recipient's phone number so that the courier may contact them if there are any complications with the delivery.

The United Kingdom has formally exited the European Union. With Brexit in effect, all shipments in both ways would have to go through customs clearance mediation, which began on January 4th, 2021.

European countries will be subject to border checks, custom clearance, and duty fees due to Brexit, unlike the rules set in the past. Goods transported between European nations, the UK mainland, and North Ireland must now confirm customs and be accompanied by shipping bills or invoices and other outsource documentation.

When people select a courier service, they always want to go for the best one, and with UDS being there to have all your needs covered, why must you settle for less? Moreover, UDS is known to have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and provides an efficient and customer-friendly service, so you have no complaints at the end of the day, all of which do the UDS the best courier service in UK.
Here are a few of the primary reasons why UDS is known to be the best, and you must always keep them in your mind while trying to have your parcel delivered safely, on time, hassle-free, and most importantly, without mishaps in between.
The mission of UDS Courier Service
To strive to be a versatile courier company by providing clients with optimal service and future technologies without a cost comparison or service-based optimization, thereby saving time and the disadvantage of conducting courier market surveys.
UDS Parcel Delivery Goals
To set a new bar in the industry and be acknowledged for it by committing fully to outstanding customer service, people, information exchange, and the innovation of systems that support growth and economic profitability.
UDS Technology
All of our employees work with conviction, the proper attitude and aesthetic appeal, and a feeling of responsibility. We additionally strive to foster a cooperative and supportive team environment.
UDS: Innovation in Technology
UDS is constantly investing in new technologies and techniques to save time for its clients.

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    What our Customers Say

    Our customers are our source of satisfaction. We operate for them, and they have been confiding in us for decades, which makes us the best Customs Clearance guide in UK.

    Ishan Chakarvarti
    Best delivery service, fastest and most reliable
    Kessie Hodges
    I regularly work with UDS delivering stock from our international suppliers. They consitently go above and beyond to support our business needs. I could not thank them enough for their help keeping us on track this summer!
    ishaan chakarvarti
    Best delivery service. No questions asked.
    sunny batra
    What a great company. Customer Service was top class. Spoke to a very kind lady "Anita Kapoor". She tracked my parcel and kept me informed every step of the way. Parcel was intact. I will definitely recommend them and will use the service again.
    Anne Joyce Martis
    Was very happy with the service also to mention Riva Kaur who was very helpful to follow up until the time my parcel reached me.
    Lacosto Bhupani
    IT was realy a night mare to get the parcel in hand on 26august , this was send out on 07 august from HK . BREXIT and the DHL team : Still we appriciate the help of Amrit KAPPOR from UBX team TO ENABLE US TO GET THE PARCEL . we do not understand WHY IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME TO DILIVER .
    ananya khurana
    Good service and efficient staff. Thanks to Anita kapoor for resolving my query
    gulzar dhawan
    Anita kapoor gave an outstanding service . Really appreciate the way she dealt with the query. I would recommend my family and friends to use your company. Many Thanks Simranjit
    hema thakorlal
    Riva and Urmila are very personable and helpful, definitely makes working with UDS a pleasure.
    How It Work

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    We pick your parcel from your doorstep, as soon as your parcel is ready. Book a collection with us and out specialist parcel collection driver will pick up your parcel


    At our designated warehouse unit our specialist packing team handle your parcel with care, and give it the extra padding and packing it require to continue further on it's journey.


    Once it reaches the destination our specialist parcel delivery drivers deliver your parcel to the recipients door. You receive tracking delivery confirmation


    Due to the crisis in the Red Sea, there may be considerable delays in transit times.

    The shipping companies reserve the right to levy surcharges for new shipments as well as for shipments already shipped.

    We will charge these 1:1 according to the display.