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Courier Charges From India To the USA

Historically, courier charges fro, India to USA were not as reliable or affordable; specifically when the destinations were thousands of miles away. The lack of reliabiliy and and security of your goods, left consumers with little choice and confidence. However over time we have managed to find a gap within the market and help contribute to the development of this drawback.

Finding a great opportunity of the lack of credible services and fair prices for courier charges from India to USA, we established UDS. We were of the thought that sending a courier to any part of the world should not cost, metaphorically, an arm and a leg. So we took it upon ourselves to solve this problem. We understand that good transportation can form the backbone of the country’s economy and strengthen it. It helps bring people close and development and advancements even closer. So we looked at various options we had around.

There were some players in the market. They were international players with deep corporate pockets. Which helped them function but stopped them from being effective. Being all corporate, they were far from the people in the common market and didn’t understand the real demand and price-sensitive people of a growing economy. Their charges were exorbitant, making them inaccessible and undesirable for common people. Since we started the operations, the scenario has changed. We are proud to be the catalyst of much-needed change for courier charges from India to USA.

We at UDS ensure you a sincere hassle-free experience for all your courier needs of any location in any part of the world. Some advantages that you can benefit from are listed below:

● We are committed to complete transparency. We make sure there are no costs that are hidden. All cost propositions are made clear before. The only additional cost you will bear will be the custom taxes for the country if there would be any on the commodity you are shipping.

● We provide end to end services. End to end services is especially helpful when it comes to courier to international destinations as most of the time; such a process requires various paperwork which depends upon the destination. These services also include pick up from a place of your convenience. If you want help in packing, find us to solve that problem right by you. Worried about your commodities, we got you covered with insurance. We will deliver the package to the very doorstep without any distress to your comfort. And the invoice with inclusive IGST tax ensures you are sending your commodities the right way through the right courier partner.   

We are happy to offer you special prices for bulk requirements.

Courier Services Offered By UDS

We are delighted to create a one-stop-shop solution for all your parcel delivery needs. With over two decades of experience within the industry we are able to create solutions that help build a trustworthy relationship. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality and cheap delivery service with the best possible prices. Whether you are using he facilities in India to send internationally or national we have a solution for all – including rail, sea and air routes.

We understand international courier and parcel services require more than just transporting the product from one point to another. So, to further add ease to you and the entire process, we also offer, apart from courier charges from India to USA.

International Courier To USA From India At Affordable Cost

Choosing Universal delivery solutions for your requirement of courier services to the USA from India can provide you with some salient advantages and ensure a truly hassle-free experience at the best prices.

Courier services have grown in importance as the world evolves into a dynamic and global place. Credible transportation logistics are the need of the hour. Courier services prove to be an intangible bridge closing the gaps between cultures, economies and countries. It is not only crucial for commercial aspects but also very personal ones. With the world becoming more global with each passing day, courier services have become a crucial infrastructural resource to stay in touch with your loved ones. This wasn’t easy once upon a time. 

Air Freight
UDS is constantly looking for ways to standardize air freight shipping practices in order to make it easier and less strenuous for our clients. With many decades of work expertise and a large network of agents, we not only take better care of your shipment, but we also relieve you of the burden of paperwork and customs by providing full Customs Clearance assistance.Our operator will then arrive at the stipulated time to collect your cargo, boxes, and packages. We will ensure that your possessions are accumulated at the airport and completed on schedule to your destination – whether it is domestic or international.

Sea Freight
Universal Delivery Solutions is eager to comply with the clearing and distribution process, from FCL all the way to LCL. This procedure can be very demanding, from loading or unloading to devanning commodities for LCL Shipment. UDS is here to take the pressure away and make it a smooth and safe experience at a reasonable price.We will make certain that your possessions are obtained at the other end and delivered to your location on time.

Road Freight
Universal Delivery Solutions aspires to be your one-stop store for all of your freight transportation requirements. UDS is here to handle the case and let you relish the service, from arranging cargo containers and quotes to collections and courier services. We meet deadlines efficiently and quickly. We will focus on ensuring that your possessions are collected at the door and delivered to their ultimate stop. For road Freight Services, we also provide same-day deliveries!Note:For all the above-mentioned services, all you have to do is tell us a suitable date and place for the pick-up. Our operator will appear at the agreed-upon time and gather the packages.

Courier and Delivery
Whether you're importing or exporting within the country or worldwide, our management is here to relieve stress and guarantee your item arrives on time and at a reasonable price.UDS offers a diverse range of package delivery services. We guarantee that we will deliver to the right spot at the given time at the most minimal possible cost. If you want to ship priority, highly classified, or fragile parcels or paperwork to any locations around the globe, as well as have access to a 24/7 monitoring system to check on the status of your shipment, contact us today, online, from the comfort of your own home!

Tips to Avoid Custom Delays

Some customs delays are unavoidable. However, if you need to save yourself the stomach ache and avoid border control delays, take the following five steps:

Correct Certification

If any product in your shipment is regulated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the legislation requires you to obtain a certification confirming that it meets safety standards.

Filing for Importer Security

ISF is a confidentiality document that must be presented at the port at least 24 hours before loading foreign cargo. Plan ahead of time, as loading can take place days before departure. We recommend that you have ISF documentation ready well in advance if you want to avoid bottlenecks at customs. In ISF filing, eight elements must be reported.

Paperwork that is correct

Customs delays are frequently the result of simple paperwork errors. To avoid extra delays, make sure to represent each item in the shipment adequately.


Work with an importer to ensure proper categorization and to avoid customs delays. There are various types of import tariffs that you may be charged, so it’s critical to understand which costs are higher under which circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

We assure to deliver all products no matter whichever part of the world it is located in. However, certain items are prohibited while sending a courier to the USA. please note the list of items below

● Currency or cash of any kind

● Ivory

● Nail varnish

● Perfumes

● Ink

● Tobacco

● Fur

● Aerosols

● Plants or poisons 

● Or any such item which may pose a threat of any kind during and after transportation

UDS can send all your items to your desired destinations. Below are some items that are happily accepted in the USA

  • Shoes
  • Books
  • Sweets or food items
  • Garments
  • Documents
  • Artwork
  • And so on.

We are very transparent about our entire process. There will be no hidden charges that you have to incur. All charges will be proposed before getting into any agreement. However, you should note that the cost of the customs taxes will be borne by you, which would be added to the shipping costs often packages.

You have the complete freedom to track your products. You can do so using our website. The website is user friendly, and the tracking bar is right on top often the website for easy use.

It is best to pack your commodity in appropriate cardboard boxes. They should be sturdy and be able to hold the commodity and its weight. The entire point of packaging it is to package it securely. So, anyone can pack it as long as it is done right, especially according to the product's fragility. UDS has the advantage of doing this for a very long time. So, we can rightly judge how to pack a product for the best and smoothest delivery.

If the package does not contain any prohibited items, if the package is packed properly and labelled properly, if the package has all the necessary documentation in place, if the package has the right address and information, then it is guaranteed that your product will reach on time at the right place in the right condition.

Any shipment sent across countries often invites custom duty. Then furthermore, it depends upon the commodity that is being shipped. The customs officials are very strict and observant. They have the exclusive right of scrutiny till theta are satisfied. So, to play by the rule book, it is necessary to follow the custom regulations prescribed, fill out the proper documentation and pay the necessary fees to make shipping a smooth process.

We do not take responsibility in a situation the custom does not clear your package. But this doesn’t mean we are not by your side. On the contrary, we will help you until we understand the obstacle and resolve it.

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    What our Customers Say

    Our customers are our source of satisfaction. We operate for them, and they have been confiding in us for decades, which makes us the best Customs Clearance guide in India.

    Ishan Chakarvarti
    Best delivery service, fastest and most reliable
    Kessie Hodges
    I regularly work with UDS delivering stock from our international suppliers. They consitently go above and beyond to support our business needs. I could not thank them enough for their help keeping us on track this summer!
    ishaan chakarvarti
    Best delivery service. No questions asked.
    sunny batra
    What a great company. Customer Service was top class. Spoke to a very kind lady "Anita Kapoor". She tracked my parcel and kept me informed every step of the way. Parcel was intact. I will definitely recommend them and will use the service again.
    Anne Joyce Martis
    Was very happy with the service also to mention Riva Kaur who was very helpful to follow up until the time my parcel reached me.
    Lacosto Bhupani
    IT was realy a night mare to get the parcel in hand on 26august , this was send out on 07 august from HK . BREXIT and the DHL team : Still we appriciate the help of Amrit KAPPOR from UBX team TO ENABLE US TO GET THE PARCEL . we do not understand WHY IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME TO DILIVER .
    ananya khurana
    Good service and efficient staff. Thanks to Anita kapoor for resolving my query
    gulzar dhawan
    Anita kapoor gave an outstanding service . Really appreciate the way she dealt with the query. I would recommend my family and friends to use your company. Many Thanks Simranjit
    hema thakorlal
    Riva and Urmila are very personable and helpful, definitely makes working with UDS a pleasure.
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    We pick your parcel from your doorstep, as soon as your parcel is ready. Book a collection with us and out specialist parcel collection driver will pick up your parcel


    At our designated warehouse unit our specialist packing team handle your parcel with care, and give it the extra padding and packing it require to continue further on it's journey.


    Once it reaches the destination our specialist parcel delivery drivers deliver your parcel to the recipients door. You receive tracking delivery confirmation


    Due to the crisis in the Red Sea, there may be considerable delays in transit times.

    The shipping companies reserve the right to levy surcharges for new shipments as well as for shipments already shipped.

    We will charge these 1:1 according to the display.