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Send Parcel To UK From Dubai With UDS

UK from Dubai

Universal Delivery Solutions is the ideal option to consider if you plan to send parcels from Dubai to the UK. Many individuals or companies who want to shift or expand their business in the UK, choose UDS to ship their belongings. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want the shipping process to go smoothly and easily. 

UDS has been shipping parcels across the world for more than 20 years by using its courier market experience. Due to its years of experience, the company has built a strong network of agents who coordinate international shipments.

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However, despite earning the trust of hundreds of customers, the priorities of the company remain the same. 


Therefore, when you use UDS, you can rest easily. The company uses convenient tools for shipping and ensures safe delivery of the parcel to the provided location. 

At Universal Delivery Solutions, the team proudly offers high-quality and reliable shipping Dubai to UK services. They comprehend the need of sending shipments to their customers quickly and in perfect condition. Consequently, the company offers tailor-made courier services such as same-day delivery, excess baggage service, onboard couriers, road freight, etc. 

Why Choose UDS To Send Parcel To the UK From Dubai

UDS is the leading shipping company that ensures efficient and reliable management of shipping items. They fulfil the freight requirements of their customers and offer the best services at ideal rates. Understandably, shipping costs are large expenses for businesses and individuals. Many customers in the shipping market deal with below-average services but still pay increasing costs. UDS aims to resolve the service and pricing gap and hence provides the best services at reasonable rates. The ideal reasons why thousands of individuals and businesses trust UDS for their shipping requirements are; 

Types of Parcel Services We Offer UK From Dubai

UDS offers a comprehensive range of parcel delivery services for ensuring cheap shipping from Dubai to the UK. Their delivery costs are low and the customers rest assured knowing their parcel will reach the exact delivery spot at the right time. Whether the shipment includes confidential documents, priority documents, or fragile items, there is nothing to worry about. The company will send it to your provided location in the UK without any hindrance.

Air freight

International shipping feels scary and expensive to many people. Many shipping companies charge high amounts but fail to provide good quality services. Therefore, it leads people to believe that international shipping is complex. However, UDS always tries to make air freight parcel shipping easy and hassle-free for customers. 

Sea Freight

Universal Delivery Solutions is the one-stop shop for shipping any item to the UK from Dubai. They take care of everything included in the shipping process, beginning from loading, unloading, devanning, and much more. Even if the procedure is demanding, the team UDS reduces the stress of the customers and helps smooth sailing of the items. 

Road freight

Individuals often feel scared to opt for road parcel delivery services during international shipping. Dubai to the UK shipping via road can cause delays and damage, if not done carefully. However, there is nothing to worry about if you choose UDS. They are the ideal shipping and logistics company that has been in the business for a long time. 

Courier to UK from the Hong Kong With UDS

Before proceeding with the Dubai to UK shipping, individuals need to be aware of the customs of the shipping country. Once your shipment arrives in the UK, UDS will contact you if the recipient of the goods needs to pay any delivery charges, duty, or VAT, for receiving it. The company will send a bill that will state the fees which need to be paid. Generally, in the UK, the parcel is held for around three weeks. If the recipient fails to make the payment by then, the parcel gets returned to the sender. 

Individuals need to pay VAT, when they purchase an item or to the delivery company before receiving them. If the delivery company collects the VAT amount, then it is charged on the total value of the package. It includes; 

If the goods have a worth of £135 or less and are not categorised under excise goods, then VAT is included in the total payment. 

When you send parcels from Dubai to the UK, you will be charged customs duty on every good, if they are; 

If customs duty is charged, then individuals will need to pay it upon;

In the UK, customs are calculated using the CIF method. The customs officers calculate the import duty and taxes on the basis of the imported goods’ value along with shipping costs.

Import Restrictions To Know Before Sending Parcel To the UK From Dubai

For shipping to the UK from Dubai, individuals need to consider the list of restricted items. Certain items are prohibited inside the network of the UK to comply with the national and international laws that govern the shipping process. It ensures that the shipments inside the country are safe for everyone. Therefore, before shipping, individuals need to check whether the items they are sending are prohibited or not.

The list of prohibited items frequently changes depending upon different things. Therefore, it is advisable to check the official customs page before sending the goods. 

What our Customers Say

Our customers are our source of satisfaction. We operate for them, and they have been confiding in us for decades, which makes us the best Customs Clearance guide in India.

Ishan Chakarvarti
Best delivery service, fastest and most reliable
Kessie Hodges
I regularly work with UDS delivering stock from our international suppliers. They consitently go above and beyond to support our business needs. I could not thank them enough for their help keeping us on track this summer!
ishaan chakarvarti
Best delivery service. No questions asked.
sunny batra
What a great company. Customer Service was top class. Spoke to a very kind lady "Anita Kapoor". She tracked my parcel and kept me informed every step of the way. Parcel was intact. I will definitely recommend them and will use the service again.
Anne Joyce Martis
Was very happy with the service also to mention Riva Kaur who was very helpful to follow up until the time my parcel reached me.
Lacosto Bhupani
IT was realy a night mare to get the parcel in hand on 26august , this was send out on 07 august from HK . BREXIT and the DHL team : Still we appriciate the help of Amrit KAPPOR from UBX team TO ENABLE US TO GET THE PARCEL . we do not understand WHY IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME TO DILIVER .
ananya khurana
Good service and efficient staff. Thanks to Anita kapoor for resolving my query
gulzar dhawan
Anita kapoor gave an outstanding service . Really appreciate the way she dealt with the query. I would recommend my family and friends to use your company. Many Thanks Simranjit
hema thakorlal
Riva and Urmila are very personable and helpful, definitely makes working with UDS a pleasure.
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We pick your parcel from your doorstep, as soon as your parcel is ready. Book a collection with us and out specialist parcel collection driver will pick up your parcel


At our designated warehouse unit our specialist packing team handle your parcel with care, and give it the extra padding and packing it require to continue further on it's journey.


Once it reaches the destination our specialist parcel delivery drivers deliver your parcel to the recipients door. You receive tracking delivery confirmation


Due to the crisis in the Red Sea, there may be considerable delays in transit times.

The shipping companies reserve the right to levy surcharges for new shipments as well as for shipments already shipped.

We will charge these 1:1 according to the display.