Air Freight Services With UDS

Air Freight Services With UDS (a Leading Air Freight Company)

UDS is constantly searching for ways to make air freight shipping operations easier and more convenient for our clients. With years of expertise and a large network of agents inside the UK and throughout the world, we not just take care of your goods, but we also remove the stress of paperwork and taxes off your shoulders - we offer comprehensive Customs Clearance support.

All you have to do for your luggage is provide us with a suitable date and pick-up location. Our van will collect your baggage, boxes, and gifts at the appointed hour.

UDS is growing its aircraft fleet to suit your demand for more dependable and flexible logistics. It enables you to move your time-sensitive, elevated goods quickly to their destination, avoiding unwanted supply chain bottlenecks caused by congested ports, labor shortages, or capacity constraints. Take advantage of UDS Air Freight as a stand-alone service or mix it with other modes of transportation, storage, and customs services. Your supply chain will be boosted in many more ways than one.

UDS takes the full freight experience seriously as an elevated air cargo broker. We have accessibility to an interconnected platform of ground and air carriers, allowing you to compare several air cargos estimates without a phone around. The size of your shipment and speed needs are paired to an air carrier with the ideal aircraft, resulting in less waste and lower costs.

deliver services

If your package cannot travel on a regular flight due to a tight deadline, it can be flown by a specialized air charter service. You can count on UDS to organize your freight shipment, excellent service, and exceptional customer support from the minute you contact until your package arrives at its final destination.

Universal Delivery Solutions' location near Heathrow Airport, with easy accessibility to the freeway, helps our regional couriers save time on the trip. We'll make sure your goods are picked up at the airport and delivered on schedule to your destination, whether it's in the United States or abroad.

We will help you overcome any issues you may be having with freight transportation by giving creative ideas on how to organize freight transportation and the resources to formulate and build solutions.

Our monitoring systems and our assertive customer service approach keep you informed about the condition of your freight at all times. These technologies also give Air Freight customer care staff the tools they need to help carriers maintain your shipment on track and communicate with you, the client, in real-time.

Our air cargo brokers seem to be prepared to support you all through the shipment procedure, from the original quote to tracking the delivery details from origin to final destination. Your solitary contact point might make the complete experience effective and skilled and assist you in meeting your business objectives. We understand that there are many air freight broker businesses to select from. We believe that our attention to detail gives the winning outcomes you need, supported by air freight rates that our brokers will study and evaluate. We hope you'll take advantage of our broker services and discover more regarding our air charter broker facilities for the quickest shipment accessible whenever it comes to air cargo.

Logistics solutions by UDS

Why Choose UDS For Air Freight Shipping organizes quick air shipment, allowing us to transport freight anywhere in the U. S., Canada, or Mexico within hours. Rather than keeping our fleet of airplanes as a freight broker, we combine the services of various cargo airlines to carry your goods from one point to another point.

All across the freight brokering services of UDS, this is considered to be the logistical power and know-how. We thoroughly understand global transport routes and dig deep within air cargo schedules. We thoroughly evaluate every one of these airlines to connect our customers with the most appropriate airline. These crucial business partnerships assist our clients by providing exceptional service and, very importantly, ensuring that your shipment arrives safely and on schedule. We have the skills and knowledge to arrange for products to be shipped anytime, anyplace, regardless of how close a customer's deadline is or how fragile the items they're sending are.

Designed to help you overcome obstacles

You need a complete solution that combines speed, agility, and dependability in the ever-changing world of logistics. UDS offers various services to meet your complex logistical requirements while obtaining the best possible cost-to-market ratio. To start altering your supply chain efficiency, choose from the various categories offered on the UDS webpage.

From beginning to end, you'll be safe.

We are concerned about the security of your precious goods. We make sure your goods are safe and secure at all times by providing the greatest security and cargo protection available. From employing CCTVs to oversee handling and storage to performing weight inspections at both origin and destination, tracking ULD build-up utilizing seals and ULD numbers, and having complete checklists to track the condition of your cargo throughout its supply chain trip, we've got you covered.

Integrated air freight is a source of optimism.

The epidemic united the whole human race together to fight a shared enemy. A major consumer goods business sought to help by bringing vital testing kits from Asia and Europe to Kenya. A severe scarcity was causing delays in management and therapy. UDS Maersk Air Freight rose to the occasion. It took care of every part of this valuable supply chain journey of cargo, including packing, transportation, space allocation, and customs.

UDS specializes in coordinating airplane charter, including jet services, international charters, and emergency air charters for time-sensitive freight deliveries. We offer air charters and worldwide air charter brokerage services, including almost no size or weight restrictions, making us perfect for those extra-large, time-sensitive cargo shipments that must reach on schedule.

UDS air charter brokerage services can assist your company in overcoming constraints that ordinary air freight cannot. We'll work with you to find the finest air charter choice for your delivery needs, and we'll keep track of the package each step of the way. We can fill anything from a Cessna 406 to a Boeing 747-8F freighter since various air carriers are accessible for dedicated carrier charter employment.

Organizing freight transportation is only part of the logistical problem. Your goods must travel to and from the airline, or it may not be necessary to fly. You can use's brokerage services in such a scenario. We arrange for complete cargo freight transportation to destinations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Palletized and containerized products, liquid bulk management, and temperature-controlled distribution are all examples of this. UDS will organize for your freight to be delivered by motor carriers equipped with specialized tools to provide accelerated trucking services, including Sprinter Vans, Large Straight Trucks, Small Straight Trucks, and Expedited Full Truckloads.

For its mass transit freight broker services, UDS delivers the same great performance, integrated logistics, monitoring, and customer support as it does for its air cargo broker services. The UDS network carriers have over 50,000 verifiable express delivery trucks ready to travel nationwide, so flying via the ground doesn't have to be delayed or risky. A bespoke ground service with specialized transportation for your cargo is just a phone or click away, from freight and sprinter vans to huge straight trucks.

Having alternatives and sticking to a plan are essential for logistical success in every delivery circumstance. Using the broker services of UDS to organize overnight delivery of your cargo is the best option when it has to arrive tomorrow.

Our agent will assess and discuss the best solutions for your unique cargo, overseeing the entire overnight operation while keeping you informed. Our agents are all experts in providing personalized, quick overnight freight solutions and the assistance and monitoring you need to feel confident throughout the shipment process. UDS is a logistics provider you can trust and rely on to achieve the outcomes you want.

Various overnight services are available through UDS, including:

  •       NFO / Overnight
  •       Overnight Early in the morning
  •       By 12:00 p.m. the next day, the project will be completed.
  •       Standard By 5:00p.m, it's time to turn in.

Same Day Delivery Broker Services

A routine delivery breaks, a critical component fails, or the distribution network fails. Now that the cushion you placed into your timetable has vanished, your freight must still arrive at its destination. Your first call ought to be USD to get back on course.

If you need same-day airline shipment or ground transportation, two things decide whether USD can help: how soon you call and how far the product is travelling. If all of these factors are in place, your agent can arrange for your cargo to be delivered to the terminal by a courier business or a trucking firm with a two-man driver team assembled for a non-stop journey. On the vehicle or plane, your items will be the sole cargo. You would not have to worry about making unnecessary trips to pick up and unload other cargo, especially when time is of the essence.

We make the following arrangements:

  • Air charter provides same-day delivery.
  • Scheduled Air Freight Same-Day Delivery
  • Same-Day Trucking

Air Cargo Services Offered by Us

USD air freight brokerage service is a quick and cost-effective solution to get your cargo where they need to go.

Aggregation of freight is a very efficient logistics approach. It decreases the cost of transportation, expands transportation alternatives, enhances inventory tracking, and lowers the incidence of damage. Cargo aggregation services might help businesses of all sizes optimize their logistics, improve efficiency, and reduce transportation times.

It offers several distinct benefits over other forms of transportation, including the following:

  •   Time - Air cargo transportation saves a lot of time and is substantially faster than shipment and vehicle transfer.
  •   Flights are typically trustworthy regarding arriving and departing timings, with few delays; therefore, air-based accelerated services have had the best chance of reaching on time.
  •   Cheaper insurance prices - Air freight insurance premiums are often cheaper due to the short shipment period.
  •   Safe - Because air freight shipments are closely monitored by security at the airport, the risk of lost or damaged goods is quite minimal.
  •   Less time spent waiting – Delays caused by offloading air freight and passing customs are minimized.
air freight cargo by UDS

Costs to Expect are quite low:

  •   £45 for standard clearing customs. This fee is paid to customs to clear your shipment.
  •   Airline Handling Charge: The airline assesses this fee, which varies (usually £0.22 per kg/minimum £45).
  •   The fee for transferring airline bonds is £0.15 per kg with a minimum of £45.
  •   Charges for delivery to your house or business: These fees are determined by the shipment's weight and size and its distance from the airport. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., is regular delivery.
  •   Costs for timely delivery in the nights, early mornings, and weekends and delivery by a "tail-lift truck" on-demand and estimate.
  • Shipping to an Amazon FBA site is done on a case-by-case basis with a quotation. Once customs have processed your package, you are invited to pick it up from the airline warehouse. The following terms and conditions apply. To be able to pick up the cargo yourself, you'll need specific identification. This is not suggested if you are not a seasoned business importer.

  •   Customs Import VAT and Duty are two further charges to be aware of. This is mostly for commercial or private imports that do not have a TOR.
  • Storage for airplanes:

    The day of arrival is "free time" for goods arriving at the airport well before the airline pays for storage. The storage cost is £18 per 100 kg or portion thereof every day.

  •   The local government will charge governmental inspection costs for health inspections of food or products picked at random for HMRC or Trading Standards examination.
  •   If we really need to settle HM Customs VAT and Duty on their behalf on the same day, you would be charged a £25 Bank Chaps Fee.
  •   If we advance charges on your behalf to a government department, carrier, or another third party, we will impose a 15% Agency Fee (minimum of £45 per payment made on your behalf). To support our administrative fees, this will be charged to your billing.
  • For Private Imports

  •   A duplicate of the airway bill and any other documentation you might well have, such as a provider's invoice, notification of arrival, etc.
  •   A TOR number is a unique identifier for you. Import duties may apply if you do not even have a TOR number.
  •   A complete list of the shipment's contents, including individual item values.
  •   Imports for Business
  •   An EORI number will be required for commercial imports. If necessary, we can assist you in obtaining one.
  •   Some other valid Duty Relief Certificate, a duplicate of the invoice, and a packing list.
  • ·       If you have one, your deferral account number, DTI assigns product codes or HS codes.

    Our Clients

    UDS has worked with some of the world's most famous enterprises, healthcare facilities, and government organizations since its inception. We specialize in creating a connection with our clients based on knowing their requirements and afterward developing a solution that meets those needs, rather than merely offering a service. Our partnership, however, doesn't really end there; we will continue to monitor and resolve any issues that may occur. All of our customers' relationships and success will be strengthened as a result of this
    Many of our customers have spent years developing new company abilities, merging acquisitions, and updating existing IT stacks to bring the finest solutions to the industry. However, these strategic expenditures may leave a legacy infrastructure, skill sets, procedures, and even culture in their wake..

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Fireworks, ammunition, sporting ammunition, firearms, or explosives. Cylinders of compressed air, oxygen or liquid petroleum gas (LPG), etc. aerosol can (e.g., deodorant, shaving cream, hair spray, paint, etc.) Cigarette/pipe lighters or cigarette lighter refills.

    Transit time on an air freight shipment can take anywhere from 8 hours to 7 days, depending on the origin and destination.

    Generally, the goods that are usually transferred through this means of transport are the following:

    • Urgent goods.
    • High volume goods.
    • Intercontinental urgent mail.
    • Spare parts and spare parts for land vehicles.
    • Spare parts for the aerospace industry.
    • Perishable food.
    • Materials for fairs and events.
    • Plants.

    So, can I send my phone? With most major carriers, you can send your phone by the air carrier and don't have to use hazard labels as long as the batteries are stored inside your device and don't exceed a certain level of "watt-hours" (Wh), a measure of electrical energy.

    It is legal to receive alcoholic beverages sent by courier or mail when ordered from online retailers, but this is not the shipping case. Most freight forwarders include alcohol, whether beer or wine, on the list of restricted items.

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    Customer Testimonials 

    The UDS Service is rated 4.8 on google out of 5 stars and is quite dependable by customers around the globe. While one of the regular customers praises the service for its quick delivery and secure proceedings, other customers write about how pleasantly surprised they have been by the service and the customer support of UDS.

    All in all, UDS is a company established solely to serve its clients and ease their worries besides doing its job with extra care to maintain its reputation among the most desirable courier services in India.

    sunny batra
    What a great company. Customer Service was top class. Spoke to a very kind lady "Anita Kapoor". She tracked my parcel and kept me informed every step of the way. Parcel was intact. I will definitely recommend them and will use the service again.
    Anne Joyce Martis
    Was very happy with the service also to mention Riva Kaur who was very helpful to follow up until the time my parcel reached me.
    Lacosto Bhupani
    IT was realy a night mare to get the parcel in hand on 26august , this was send out on 07 august from HK . BREXIT and the DHL team : Still we appriciate the help of Amrit KAPPOR from UBX team TO ENABLE US TO GET THE PARCEL . we do not understand WHY IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME TO DILIVER .
    ananya khurana
    Good service and efficient staff. Thanks to Anita kapoor for resolving my query
    gulzar dhawan
    Anita kapoor gave an outstanding service . Really appreciate the way she dealt with the query. I would recommend my family and friends to use your company. Many Thanks Simranjit
    hema thakorlal
    Riva and Urmila are very personable and helpful, definitely makes working with UDS a pleasure.
    Asad Khan FA Exports
    UDS is helping me for exporting my goods from India to UK since long. I am extremely impressed with UDS services. Especially with Kishan Gupta, who always supported us. We always get benefited with his experience and knowledge about the industry. We will definitely be working closely with the excellent team at UDS in the near future.
    Souvik Saha
    UDS was extremely quick to get my important documents on time from India. They got it collected from my place in India and delivered in time in England. Jotie kept me informed with the tracking at all steps. Very good price and hassle-free. Super happy with the services, will always use UDS.
    Ravleen Arora
    Anita Kapoor was of great help. She was very friendly and informative in regards to my parcel. I am very pleased with the her customer service and would definitely recommend Universal delivery solutions.
    Onkar malhotra
    Brilliant service . ....committed to their words even during the pandemic special and heart felt thanks to Anita ...she made my day and worth every penny getting the cargo delivered to me today ...Brilliant stuff...Exceptional customer service...once again thanks to Anita and of course she is an idle role model for all ...stay blessed


    We pick your parcel from your doorstep, as soon as your parcel is ready.

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    At our designated warehouse unit our specialist packing team handle your parcel with care, and give it the extra padding and packing it require to continue further on it's journey.


    Once it reaches the destination our specialist parcel delivery drivers deliver your parcel to the recipients door.

    You receive tracking delivery confirmation

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