Customs Clearance Services - UDS

Customs Clearance Services - UDS

Customs and Clearance Services refer to all of the paperwork needed to encourage more exports and imports into the country. The shipping clearance service refers to the effort associated with the preparation and presentation of papers. The client is responsible for customs scrutiny, assessment, disbursement of duty, and awaiting the arrival of cargo and documents from customs after clearance.

Customs clearance facilities have supplied outstanding custom brokerage services to a wide range of manufacturing firms. It's a potential opportunity in the worldwide commerce industry, and the standards and rules for importing products are constantly changing.

In simpler words, customs clearance refers to the paperwork and procedures involved in the exchange of goods and services further into the state. There are distinct geographical authorities in India that deal with customs registration and guidelines.

Customs clearance services are the duty of both the exporter and the importer, and both parties must be able to generate the paperwork stated below for products to be shipped and delivered smoothly. Once all taxes have been paid, your package will clear customs. Your selected courier provider carries the package from customs to the final destination once clearing customs is completed. Customs hold up shipments infrequently.

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Management of Customs Clearance

A team of professionals oversees UDS's Customs Clearance Services. To accelerate cargo clearance, the team assures that all standards are completed. When needed, this skilled team can provide real-time free guidance and tailor-made services to meet any need.

The aim of this process is to deliver an efficient, competent, and fast service that is tailored to the needs of companies and people alone. The crew also keeps a careful watch on the arrival and departure of shipments and responds to any questions about the clearing process. They also assist in making sure that your shipments pass through customs fast and efficiently.

In addition, the team assists in completing the needed legal formalities within the time frame indicated. Documentation that is simple to assemble, customs documentation and brokerage, domestic clearance for trouble-free consignment shipping, warehouse coordination, as well as other services are available. One must know these facts before sending in parcels that need heavy customs clearance.

customs clearance broker and delivery services by UDS

There are a couple of reasons as to why you should consider using customs clearance services, and it all depends on your particular business. If you choose UDS as your customs or import clearance guide, the following are the main reasons that will most likely reverberate with your individual needs.

Checking for customs clearance

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are legally responsible for all customs declarations made in your name. Because false disclosures can result in sanctions, audits, and fines for your company, have your claims verified by an authorized representative.

Ability to expedite customs clearance

Specialists of customs clearance in UDS ensure that your items safely traverse borders and arrive at their final destination. They have the necessary skills to encourage the entire customs clearing process, regardless of entering the port.

UDS has a sizable workforce

Regulations and procedures governing cross-border transactions are constantly changing. Customs clearing agents can help you avoid costly deferrals, fines, stock reallocation, and other penalties by becoming experts in the requirements for each type of product.

With official admission, clearing is simple.

As a result, a formal section is required for certain commodities (formal announcement of specific data on imported commodities). This includes pharmaceutical and food products, cosmetics, chemicals, natural resources for medical and scientific purposes, as well as horticulture and dairy foods.

Paperwork that is easy to use

Even though you are not obligated by law to use the services of a competent customs agent, many businesses prefer to do so, and, in this aspect, UDS is the best choice. This is an immediate result of the decision to outsource all printed materials and correspondence with important offices to a professional. More importantly, their expertise in the sector can prevent you from making costly mistakes.

The commodities must be appropriately identified.

customs clearance broker is well-versed in the requirements or charges imposed on goods entering a country. Every consignment is assigned a unique order number. It is divided into significant groups and sub-groups to facilitate accurate and simple identification for the purpose of obtaining customs duty.

Information about complicated administrative requirements

Many businesses can't afford to pay for a well-versed workforce in the complex administrative requirements that accompany international product transportation. They can subcontract this business impediment and choose customs and immigration services in this circumstance.

Great companies such as ours provide a whole range of export and import services, including logistics, freight shipping, warehousing, and marketing, so you can be assured that your company is in good hands.

Understanding Customs Clearance Process 

Customs is in charge of the formal application process that is required for exports and imports in India. As a result, custom clearing services would deal with services relating to customs clearance within India, such as international trade.

Custom clearance services companies would be responsible for the official documents required for clearing various types of imports and exports. We help a variety of businesses with the documentation needed for exports and imports, and here are the necessary documents needed:

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1 - Bill of Lading

The Bill of Entry is one among the most important import paperwork for customs clearance. It is a legal document that must be signed and filed by a CHA (Customs House Agent) or an importer. Within thirty (30) days of delivering the goods at a customs facility, the Bill of Entry must be lodged. Only after the Bill of Entry is submitted are the goods delivered. Only vital documents, such as the Bill of Entry, are filed with it. The products are also examined and assessed by officials from the relevant department prior to this. A 'pass out on the order' is issued once the import customs requirements have been completed, and the imported items can then be transferred out of customs.

2- Airway bill

The documents import permit for clearing customs are the bill of lading. The company's document is the Bill of Lading in the case of shipment by sea or the Airway Bill in cases of an air shipment. It is necessary to submit it to immigration for clearance purposes. This is a crucial document that contains all of the relevant information and also the details of the product and its delivery terms.

3- Import Permit

Another crucial document is an import license, which is required for certain product importation procedures and legalities. According to government requirements, this form of ownership is required for importing particular commodities. The government may have restricted the import of such specific products from time to time. As a result, the state has insisted on a license as one of the documents needed for container clearance of imported products from other nations.

4- Certificate of Insurance

Import clearance procedures also demand an insurance certificate. The insurance certificate is a prerequisite for the importer's delivery declaration. The insurance certificate is in the process of being imported. It assists customs authorities in determining whether or not the sale value includes insurance.

5- Order for purchase

Import customs release also necessitates the use of a purchase order. It contains all terms & conditions as well as contracts that assist customs inspectors in reaching a consensus on the value assessment certification. In the event that an import consignment is made on credit, the importer must produce a copy of the Letter of Credit, as well as any other documentation required for import clearance.

6-Technical Writing

If necessary, a technical write-up or other documents of a comparable sort that is important to import-export is required. These documents are for obtaining import permission for certain commodities.

If machinery is being imported, it should be accompanied by a professional write-up or literature that explains how it works. This document assists customs officials in determining the market value of foreign machinery, which aids in value assessment.

7- If you have an industrial permit, provide it.

An industrial certificate copy may be required for the importation of certain commodities. If an importer requests benefits connected to imports that are not covered by the government's rules, the Industrial License can be displayed or obtained to receive all of the benefits. Because this document is so important, a copy of the industrial licenses must be presented to the customs officials.

The services we offer are solely for the benefit of our customers. We wish for your cooperation and trust while we assist you through the whole process. Therefore, if you place your belief in UDS, your customs clearance will be a smooth ride.

Services for International Clearance

Any items or products having entered India from other areas of the world would be covered by this type of customs clearance service. Customs officials have been stationed at selected entry ports throughout India in accordance with the Customs Act of 1962. Under International Import Customs Services, the following activities would be included:

  • Shipments that are transported outside of India, in addition to complying with the provisions of the judicial order, would be covered by the foregoing.
  • Obtaining all types of clearances pertaining to imports into India.
  • Additional necessary papers and clearance, as determined by the various customs procedures

Services for Export Clearance

This procedure would comprise the services provided by a country for its products or items to be exported to another nation. Different authorizations must be secured by an exporting person or a business house in order to carry out product export.

The IEC accreditation, for example, is one of the conditions that must be met before goods can be exported from the country. For an exporter to deliver goods outside of India, the IEC license is required. Export services must be tailored to the needs of the country. During the export of goods and commodities, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Product Packaging Requirements

When products are exported outside of the country, they are required to meet packaging criteria.

  • Goods Transport

Shipments of goods are made from one country to another. Commercial contracts use terminology like CIF and FOB, which are essential commercial law terms.

  • Offloading and Delivery Ports

This would also include charges for delivery and offloading at the port.

  • Inspection of the Products

When commodities arrive at their final destination, they are kept for inspection.

Import Clearance Services

Import Customs Clearance Services would cover all of the steps required in importing commodities and products into the state.

What is the role of a customs broker?

An Import customs broker is an intermediary for importers who helps them with their customs business transactions. Tariff laws authorize the use of these agents. A customs broker is a private person or firm licensed by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to organize customs entry, duty payment, and how this procedure may be influenced by CBP's release of goods from custody.

What are some of the services that customs brokers can provide?

HTS codes, which are based on product categorization numbers between 8 and 10 digits, can be helped by an import broker. The first six characters are HS codes, while nations of import include additional digits for classification purposes. The US International Trade Commission is in charge of all codes. Furthermore, determining the place of origin for Customs can be problematic. When it comes to marking, the country of origin is crucial. The government in which items were assembled or the most labor was put into the product is determined.


Air Freight

UDS is constantly looking for ways to standardize air freight shipping practices to make our clients easier and less strenuous. With many decades of work expertise and a large network of agents, we take better care of your shipment and relieve you of the burden of paperwork and customs by providing full Customs Clearance assistance.

Our operator will then arrive at the stipulated time to collect your cargo, boxes, and packages. We will ensure that your possessions are accumulated at the airport and completed on schedule to your destination – whether it is domestic or international.

Sea Freight

Universal Delivery Solutions is eager to comply with the clearing and distribution process from FCL to LCL. This procedure can be very demanding, from loading or unloading to devanning LCL shipment commodities. UDS takes the pressure away and makes it a smooth and safe experience at a reasonable price. 

We will ensure that your possessions are obtained at the other end and delivered to your location on time.

Road Freight

Universal Delivery Solutions aspires to be your one-stop store for all your freight transportation requirements. UDS handles the case and lets you relish the service, from arranging cargo containers and quotes to collections and courier services. We meet deadlines efficiently and quickly. We will ensure that your possessions are collected at the door and delivered to their ultimate stop. For road Freight Services, we also provide same-day deliveries!

Note: For all the services mentioned above, all you have to do is tell us a suitable date and place for the pick-up. Our operator will appear at the agreed-upon time and gather the packages.


Whether you're importing or exporting within the country or worldwide, our management is here to relieve stress and guarantee your item arrives on time and at a reasonable price.

UDS offers a diverse range of package delivery services. We guarantee that we will deliver to the right spot at the given time at the most minimal possible cost. So if you want to ship priority, highly classified, or fragile parcels or paperwork to any locations around the globe, as well as have access to a 24/7 monitoring system to check on the status of your shipment, contact us today, online, from the comfort of your own home!

Airplane delivery

UDS is constantly looking for ways to standardize air freight shipping practices to make our clients easier and less strenuous. With many decades of work expertise and a large network of agents, we take better care of your shipment and relieve you of the burden of paperwork and customs by providing full Customs Clearance assistance.

Our operator will then arrive at the stipulated time to collect your cargo, boxes, and packages. We will ensure that your possessions are accumulated at the airport and completed on schedule to your destination – whether it is domestic or international.

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Tips to Avoid Custom Delays

Some customs delays are unavoidable. However, if you need to save yourself the stomach ache and avoid border control delays, take the following five steps:

Correct Certification

If any product in your shipment is regulated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the legislation requires you to obtain a certification confirming that it meets safety standards.

Paperwork that is correct

Customs delays are frequently the result of simple paperwork errors. To avoid extra delays, make sure to represent each item in the shipment adequately.

Filing for Importer Security

ISF is a confidentiality document that must be presented at the port at least 24 hours before loading foreign cargo. Plan ahead of time, as loading can take place days before departure. We recommend that you have ISF documentation ready well in advance if you want to avoid bottlenecks at customs. In ISF filing, eight elements must be reported.


Work with an importer to ensure proper categorization and to avoid customs delays. There are various types of import tariffs that you may be charged, so it's critical to understand which costs are higher under which circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each customs broker will provide different services at various fees. Some businesses prefer to function with a freight forwarder who can also operate as a customs broker; as a result, you'll receive a quote and agreement that outlines the customs aspects of the service.

Most shipping brokers will charge a client a fee that varies depending on the products being imported, their value, and the point of origin. A record of the quote is usually kept to cover things like:

  • Customs clearance cost: An administrative payment that functions similarly to a flat fee.
  • Expect to see third-party documents, handovers, and other costs for sea freight aggregated shipments.
  • Fees charged by government agencies for inspections and necessary delivery expenses
  • Any costs charged by the agency or the bank

If your shipment is stuck in customs, first verify with your operator to see if any taxes are owed. If you come to discover any unpaid taxes, make sure to pay them. If it doesn't work, the transporter is your next point of contact. The shipper can then contact two people: the carrier and, if applicable, their fulfillment company. In order to complete the paperwork, the exporter may need to give additional information. As far as you've paid your duties, it's the merchant's responsibility to settle customs difficulties in any situation.

However, there are instances when the only thing you can do is wait. International delivery isn't usually quick. Customs can sometimes keep packages for an extended amount of time. You will almost certainly receive your delivery at some point. Customs might be sluggish at times. Occasionally, the tracking status is not updated, and your shipment is transported to you.

The first time may seem complicated, but once you've submitted the documents, the next time will be much easier. A faster but more expensive approach is to use UDS' ocean freight international shipping service.

Things go very smoothly during this process because they handle all the paperwork, and you wouldn't have to worry about any of it; all you have to do is fax them some details that they request. However, they cost up to three times more, and in relation to your freight charges, the price could skyrocket, so it's better to get a local settlement agent from UDS.

Most agents will charge you between £.38 to £47.65 for a minor consignment clearance service, which is merely their agency fees; the actual charges that must be paid to the customs authorities will be in excess of £47.65. To know more, you must check our website for updates.

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