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LCL Shipping Services With UDS

LCL or less than container load refers to a term in the shipping industry. It describes the load of the containers that are filled with various products and goods. During shipping, the container load is often in a small volume. During those times, shipping the small volume of stock along with other items together is known as LCL. It is quite beneficial for low shipping volumes of items and is a good choice to begin trading.

LCL refers to sea shipping of cargo load whose volume is not enough to fill 20ft or 40ft containers. The delivery time of this shipping is faster as the requirement to wait until a sufficient volume is attained to fill a container no longer remains. However, during LCL shipping, the risk of contamination and logistical issues is high as freight from different suppliers is combined.

The items may even get damaged or get sent off to the wrong buyer. There are various shipping companies that include the service of LCL. Among them, UDS is one of the best. Their shipping costs are transparent, and their team provides proper guidance and assistance to their customers. This blog will talk about UDS's LCL container shipping services and why one should choose it for their shipping.

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Why Choose UDS For LCL Container Shipping?

UDS is a shipping company that offers the amazing service of LCL containers to its customers. At UDS, customer satisfaction is among our top preferences, and hence we offer affordable shipping services. Our company strives to work with integrity and honesty and ensure that your items are shipped properly without any obstacles. Some of the benefits that you might attain by choosing us to include:

Simple documentation and shipping

Our shipping process for LCL containers is extremely easy and convenient. It does not require heavy documentation or any excess freight. You can trust us with your items, and we will ensure that they are delivered safely to the given location. Upon their arrival at the destination port, our team ensures that the items are properly unloaded without any damage. They are segregated according to their delivery to the respected customers. We look after your shipment's customs and other port formalities to avoid delays or problems.

Insurance coverage

While conducting LCL container shipping, there is a high risk of damage to the shipment items. Many people have constant worry regarding the condition of their products upon arrival at the port. Therefore, UDS provides insurance coverage for the items to cover the damage issues or other important issues.

By choosing our service, you can easily ship your items through LCL without worrying about damage since our insurance will cover it. We ensure that the goods are shipped in proper condition, but even if issues occur, then the coverage will be provided. However, apart from the insurance we provide, you should purchase shipping insurance for your items. It is a smart investment and will provide you with peace of mind.

Cheap pricing

At UDS, customers are regarded as the topmost priority. Therefore, for their benefit and financial condition, we have kept our prices extremely affordable and flexible. LCL shipping is a cheaper alternative since you must provide the payment for your required volume and not for the entire container. To top that off, we provide transparent pricing for the satisfaction of our customers.

With us, you will not get the requirement of paying any extra charges for your shipping process. We do not encourage the idea of extra hassle regarding payment, and hence you will need to pay the entire amount at once without any excess freight or unloading charge. So, if you have no urgency regarding your shipment, then choosing the LCL container service offered at UDS is the best option for you.

Time management

Our team comprehends the value of time and hence provides their best to complete the process within the given time. We meet our deadlines and try our best to not delay the arrival of your items at the port. The customs and other important factors are handled by us at a considerable pace so that your deliveries reach you properly within time while also ensuring that the paperwork is proper.

You can even schedule your shipments properly and get the opportunity to ship fewer items frequently. It will help you to save costs as there will be no requirement for warehousing or storage, and the time gap between shipping goods will also lessen.

Packaging and Labelling

LCL container shipping requires proper packaging since they are shipped along with several other shipments. At UDS, we take extra care while packaging and labelling your shipment to avoid any damage. We use bubble wraps and packaging cushions to provide excess durability to the items that will allow minimal to zero damage to the LCL containers.

If required, we even use pallets, i.e., small wooden platforms on which the products are stacked to provide excess strength and durability. Apart from packaging, our team also pays detailed attention to the labelling process. We provide clear instructions regarding the address of the buyer so that the product reaches them properly without any mixup. Instructions regarding the unloading of the products are also stated so that fragile goods are not shaken and are kept on top. With us, you can get the opportunity to relax since your priorities are secured with us.

LCL Shipping Services Offered by Us

At UDS, we offer the best LCL shipping service. Beginning from the loading of goods to unloading them, we take care of everything. Our team strives to live up to your expectations and provide you with an easy and fast shipping process. We hope to provide a happy and convenient experience for you so that you can remain stress-free during your shipping process with us. As mentioned before, our documentation process is quite simple and does not require extra hassle. Therefore, you must be aware of the basic documentation we require. They include:

Reliable Business Parcel Delivery Services UK - UDS
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list
  • Commercial invoice
  • Insurance certificate
  • Certificate of origin
  • Dangerous cargo certificate (this is not compulsory, and you need to provide it only if it is required by us)
  • These are the basic documentation required for the LCL container shipping service. Except for these, we do not require any other documentation. If you desire to avail of our services, make sure that you have access to the above documents for an easier and smoother process.

    We provide our best to conduct the entire shipping process as fast as possible. However, despite that, sea shipping requires more time than air shipping. Therefore, by choosing our service of LCL containers, you need to wait for around six to ten weeks, depending on your destination. The time frame can be quite scary, but the price and convenient process and experience make up for it. We also offer the service of the port to door or door to door for your LCL shipping.

    As a result, you can get your shipment right at your doorstep without having to collect it from somewhere else. Often it happens that companies charge an amount which is unbelievably low for their clients. During those cases, the amount is charged specifically till the unloading of goods at the port, and they will not be delivered to your doorstep. Therefore, to avoid such confusion, we offer door to door service for your shipment and ensure that your priority reaches your destination safely without any obstacles.

    Choosing our service gives you the benefit of selecting a date as per your preference for the shipment. People often want to ship their products at their preferable date so that, as per their calculation, the shipped product reaches the buyer within time. However, due to excess orders and load, shipping companies are unable to abide by your preference and instead ship according to their benefit. But with us, no such problem remains. The LCL shipping at UDS allows you to state your preferable date for the shipment, and we ensure that the shipment process begins on that specific day.

    FAQ - Air Shipment

    Yes. Shipping via air can be extremely costly compared to other methods of shipping. However, the benefits that you will receive through air shipment are also high. The shipping process is faster and reduces the risk of damage to the goods. It is flexible as well and reduces the need for warehouses.

    Yes. There are certain products that you cannot ship through air shipment. The products include:

  • Fireworks, explosives, ammunition, matches or any other hazardous or harmful item.
  • Any type of food is not allowed.
  • Cylinders are filled with compressed air or oxygen, or gases like LPG.
  • Any kind of printer ink cartridges.
  • Aerosol cans like hair spray, deodorant, paint, etc.
  • Cigarette lighters or refills for cigarette lighters
  • Medicines of any kind.
  • Cosmetics are also not allowed. They include nail polishes and removers, colognes, and perfumes.
  • Chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides of any kind.
  • Dry ice or its specimens or samples.
  • Camping equipment like gas cylinders and stoves is strictly prohibited.
  • Batteries of any type.
  • Machines that have internal combustion engines, such as lawn mowers or chainsaws or garden trimmers.
  • No. Even though both freight and cargo refer to the transportation of goods, cargo specifically talks about the products that are transported via ship or plane. Freight, on the other hand, is a much wider concept and comprises goods transportation using the means of road, air, ocean, and rail.

    Yes. Air shipping involves complex and heavy documentation for the transportation of goods. You will need to submit your bill of lading, export declaration, contract of carriage, letter of instruction, packing list, shipping order, commercial invoice, and various other papers for the completion of the shipping process.

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    We offer top-tier shipping services to our clients since they are our foremost preference. We take a great deal of pride in stating that our customers are satisfied with our service and have returned to us for their regular shipments. We have even got the opportunity to work with referrals due to our quality and experience. At UDS, the staff is given proper training to deal with the questions and issues of the customers effectively and provide them with the best experience ever.

    Our customer care service is available every day, and hence you can contact them whenever you require. There is no need to worry about the time as well since they are prepared to assist or guide you whenever you need them. With our exceptional service, we have gained the trust of a huge amount of clients who provide us with business and give us the opportunity to showcase our best work.

    sunny batra
    What a great company. Customer Service was top class. Spoke to a very kind lady "Anita Kapoor". She tracked my parcel and kept me informed every step of the way. Parcel was intact. I will definitely recommend them and will use the service again.
    Anne Joyce Martis
    Was very happy with the service also to mention Riva Kaur who was very helpful to follow up until the time my parcel reached me.
    Lacosto Bhupani
    IT was realy a night mare to get the parcel in hand on 26august , this was send out on 07 august from HK . BREXIT and the DHL team : Still we appriciate the help of Amrit KAPPOR from UBX team TO ENABLE US TO GET THE PARCEL . we do not understand WHY IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME TO DILIVER .
    ananya khurana
    Good service and efficient staff. Thanks to Anita kapoor for resolving my query
    gulzar dhawan
    Anita kapoor gave an outstanding service . Really appreciate the way she dealt with the query. I would recommend my family and friends to use your company. Many Thanks Simranjit
    hema thakorlal
    Riva and Urmila are very personable and helpful, definitely makes working with UDS a pleasure.
    Asad Khan FA Exports
    UDS is helping me for exporting my goods from India to UK since long. I am extremely impressed with UDS services. Especially with Kishan Gupta, who always supported us. We always get benefited with his experience and knowledge about the industry. We will definitely be working closely with the excellent team at UDS in the near future.
    Souvik Saha
    UDS was extremely quick to get my important documents on time from India. They got it collected from my place in India and delivered in time in England. Jotie kept me informed with the tracking at all steps. Very good price and hassle-free. Super happy with the services, will always use UDS.
    Ravleen Arora
    Anita Kapoor was of great help. She was very friendly and informative in regards to my parcel. I am very pleased with the her customer service and would definitely recommend Universal delivery solutions.
    Onkar malhotra
    Brilliant service . ....committed to their words even during the pandemic special and heart felt thanks to Anita ...she made my day and worth every penny getting the cargo delivered to me today ...Brilliant stuff...Exceptional customer service...once again thanks to Anita and of course she is an idle role model for all ...stay blessed


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