Choosing UDS for your requirement of courier services to the USA from India can provide you with some salient advantages and ensure a truly hassle-free experience at the best prices.

Shipping benefits everyone on the planet, although few people understand it. Food, technology, medications, and nostalgia are all transported to people and places of comfort.

Speed, security, tracking, signature, specialisation, individualisation of express services, and quick delivery times distinguish couriers from conventional mail services.

We urge you to witness how inexpensive and simple it is to deliver a delivery from anywhere in the United Arab Emirates to Dubai by using our fantastic prices and speedy services. We also ship packages to Dubai from all of the Free Zones.

Customs and Clearance Services refer to all of the paperwork needed to encourage more exports and imports into the country. The shipping clearance service refers to the effort associated with the preparation and presentation of papers.

Most of us would concur that exporting internationally is a difficult task. However, some of it might be due to our lack of understanding of how international package transportation works.



First step is to prepare your parcel for it's international journey, packaging the parcel securely.



Second step is to address the parcel correctly with all the necessary sender and receiver details.


Weight & Dimensions

Third step is to take the weight and dimensions of the box for your reference and postal charges.

Once you are ready