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In our resources section you will find some of the paperwork we use when dealing with our customers, allowing you to get familiar with what to expect when using us for all your courier needs - these range from certificates to invoices and more.

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Can I call UDS for a pickup when I make an online booking?

Yes, please continue to call our customer service department as usual, as this will enable us to pre-book your courier.

What is the latest time I can submit my booking?

At least 1 hour prior to your normal collection time

What happens if my shipments are not ready when the courier arrives?

Please call our customer service department. They will be able to assist you with further information regarding your courier- if they can wait or return later to collect your shipment.

What happens if I have submitted my booking and have another urgent shipment to go?

You can submit any number of bookings prior to the collection. However, if the courier has already collected, please call our customer service team, we may be able to arrange another collection (additional surcharges may apply.)

Do I still pre-alert UDS for urgent or special deliveries?

Yes, please print your AWB and fax your instructions to our customer service department so they can make the necessary arrangements for your urgent shipment.

What is the difference between a pro-forma and commercial invoice?

A pro-forma invoice is used for a shipment where no commercial transaction has taken place and the invoice is being used only to declare a value to customs. A commercial invoice is used if the goods are being sold to an end-user.

When do I need to raise pro-forma/commercial invoices?

You require invoices for all dutiable/non-documented items for all destinations outside the EU in triplicate.

Do volumetric conversions differ if shipments travel by air or road?

Yes, air shipments are calculated on 6:1 (6000) (This is likely to change to 5000 as per IATA regulations. Date to be advised.) Road shipments are calculated on 3.1 (3000)

Are there any prohibited items that cannot be sent by courier?

Yes, the following are not acceptable: animals, bullion, currency, drugs, narcotics, firearms, ammunition, human remains, pornography. Other local restrictions may apply.

Do I need special packaging for fragile goods?

Yes, all fragile goods must be packed adequately to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling. If unsure, please contact our sales department before shipping.

Why do I receive an "Airway bill number not found” message?

The main reason why you will see the "Airway bill not found" message is that the shipment has not been received at the London Heathrow depot. This could be the case if the shipment has recently been collected.

What is the difference between a courier shipment and a freight shipment?

A courier shipment is generally a small package under 30 kilos in weight, which needs to be delivered in the fastest possible time.

A freight shipment would normally be over 30kg in weight and would not be as time sensitive however this is not always the case. If unsure, please contact our Sales department for clarification.

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