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Are you planning to move this summer? Is relocation giving you sleepless nights? We know that moving your belongings- be it office or home could be tiresome and tedious. It is common to see that many people and businesses struggle to cope with the details of moving from one place to another.

The question is- why do we fear the BIG move? Is it because of time, our busy schedules, lack of information, hassle while packaging? – actually, it is all of them and more! We have tried to address some of the most feared problems and mistakes that people commit and have given practical solutions to them.

Missing items:

Nobody would want to unpack in their new place and then fail to find their priced belongings missing! This is the worst nightmare one can imagine while they are moving to a new place.  Many a times, because of lack of time and supervision, upon reaching the new place, you may end up with lost items- be it your family photos or important documents, it is a great bummer and a matter of concern. Sometimes, it even is not YOUR fault, and it may have been a case of pure neglect by your moving company.

Our solution: Speak to a few Courier companies before you make your final decision. It leaves you with a plethora of options and puts you in a better position to set the expectation right from the beginning. While packing, make sure that the boxes are clearly labelled. You may even categories boxes like – fragile items, important documents, personal belongings. This gives a clear indication to the movers. You can easily maintain a list as well to avoid missing any items.

Damages items:

Now that we have over come the problem of missing items, but after you have moved all your belongings- nothing lost, you happily open the boxes and see that the beautiful vase that your friend gifted to you is in pieces now. Some movers are rough and may not take he due precautions and care while packing your stuff. At times, the goods are loaded properly into the truck and may break in the transit.

It is ALWAYS advisable to use several layers of protection of bubble wraps for your belongings, specially your fragile and expensive items. Keep them in boxes and additionally stuff the boxes with papers or air balloons so that they remain intact inside and seal the boxes carefully so that nothing falls off. For big items like sofa, pianos, make sure that the edges are covered. Its best to give clear instructions to the movers in written and make hem conscious about the fragile and value of the items while making the booking.

Not having enough packing material:

If you are packaging you boxes yourself, please make sure that you have enough packaging material. Keep a stock of your boxes, tapes (you’ll need plenty of tape) to make sure that your boxes are sealed and bubble wraps are intact. Purchase excess of packaging material  in advance so that you are hassle free and you do not have to compromise on the safety of your belongings.

Paperwork and administrative issues:

If you are relocating overseas, there are a numerous factor that you need to keep in mind, apart from packing. Moving overseas calls from numerous documents and paperwork. It best that you hire a Parcel Delivery Company that specializes in Customs Clearance and will take care of all paperwork at every step of your move.

UDS will provide tailor-made removals and storage solutions, advice on container volumes, customs rules and regulations, management of all aspects of moving household goods to and from any point in the world, export packing and shipment (by sea, air, or road) and much more.

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