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If you want to increase the efficiency of your courier services, then you need to ensure faster delivery of packages. You can make your customers happy by increasing the delivery speed using the best strategies. 

Fast delivery reduces the stress of customer complaints and keeps both the parties happy. If you comprehend how to ensure faster delivery of packages, then the courier operations will become smoother without any complications. This article offers five amazing hacks using which you can improve your package delivering speed. It also states the importance of fast package delivery. 

Importance of delivering packages fast 

People often feel that earning extra payment is the sole reason behind delivering packages faster. However, that is not entirely correct. You might receive payment for packages delivered on an hourly basis, but there are other reasons to ensure faster delivery as well. 

  • Certain packages have time-sensitive deliveries and hence it is crucial to drop them to the required destination before deadline. For example, many companies offer the benefit of accessing next-day or same day delivery for packages. 
  • You will get the opportunity to earn more money if you deliver more packages in a day. Apart from that, faster delivery will allow you to enjoy a little extra personal time to relax and unwind. 
  • Faster delivery of packages ensure happy customers. If they receive their packages on time, the chances of them returning to your company are high. The customer experience also becomes pleasant. 
  • Many courier companies receive payment on the basis of package delivery and might earn a minimal amount on each delivery. Therefore, if the deliveries are faster and efficient, the opportunity to earn much more by delivering more packages is huge.

Hacks to help you deliver packages faster 

As mentioned before, delivering packages faster has several benefits and solely does not revolve around earning more money. The five hacks given below will help you to deliver fast and efficiently. 

Hack 1: Speed up the communication with warehouse 

The packages are often stored in a separate place before it is ordered by a customer. Therefore, delivery gets delayed since time is wasted after the customer’s order and before the actual order procedure begins. 

However, to reduce the wastage of time, talk to your warehouse manager or the supplier for faster processing of order. You should ensure that the processing takes seconds after the customer places their order. 

Hack 2: Sort packages using destination 

Do not make the mistake of putting similar labels on every package. It is not necessary that every package in your area is sorted together. Separate the local deliveries from the long-distance ones to save time.

You might think it will not make an effect, but the loading process will become faster if you are aware about the loading of each package. Large logistic companies have difficult tracking systems that can be simplified using a local and nonlocal method of sorting. 

Hack 3: Inform your customers constantly 

Even if you do your best, issues might occur that delay the delivery of packages. During such circumstances, inform your customers about the delivery status. Make it a practice and keep them updated even if everything goes correctly. Time passess awfully slowly if an individual is waiting for their parcel. Therefore, by keeping them informed, you can help them feel valued and satisfied since they are kept in the loop.

Hack 4: Faster fulfilment of order 

Eliminate the concept of manual coding and instead shift to the electronic transfer of data among the host and shipping system. It reduces the processing time since manually entering data requires at least thirty to forty seconds for each package. However, electronic systems ensure instantaneous data transfer that helps to reduce wastage of time. 

It might not mean a lot since it is only thirty seconds, but saving those seconds per package can help to save multiple hours per day. Apart from that, automation of data transfer from the host to the shipping platform allows elimination of the risk of entering incorrect shipping details. It saves both the parties from misconception and reduces redirection or return of wrong packages. 

Hack 5: Real-time route modification

For delivering packages, it is important to plan ahead to avoid last minute issues. However, you should ensure that your delivery partners have the opportunity to change the planning if something unexpected occurs. Delivery routes can be adventurous and can bring sudden challenges. 

The delivery personnel may run into heavy traffic, experience flat tires, or spend extra time helping a customer with the delivery. If anything occurs, it affects the time of other deliveries and causes a major delay. Therefore, to eliminate these hold-ups from becoming major delays, the dispatcher must immediately be informed about the unexpected occurrence. They can arrange a backup almost immediately and balance the situation. 


Customers have a wide variety of expectations from their delivery. To satisfy the demands, shipping companies have begun the concept of same-day and next-day delivery. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the options are fulfilled within time to meet the expectations. 

Strict deadlines might cause issues with your services, but following the tips mentioned above will help you overcome them and satisfy your customers.


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