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china to uk parcel shipping

Top 10 Facts About China to UK Parcel Shipping

There are several factors to take into account as an importer while locating products in China. When it comes to shipping, you want your goods delivered promptly, safely, and at a reasonable freight rate. Although the ideal delivery method will depend entirely on your particular situation, we hope the information below will offer you some […]

Local Delivery

How to Set Up In-House Local Delivery for Your Business

How to Set Up In-House Local Delivery for Your Business Offering local delivery services may be a game-changer for businesses in the fast-paced world of e-commerce and retail today. It not only raises client satisfaction but also gives you access to a larger customer base in your neighborhood. This tutorial will lead you through the […]

Courier service

Courier VS Parcel Explained

Courier VS Parcel Explained Terms like “courier” and “parcel” commonly cross paths in the dynamic world of modern logistics, where the flow of products is quick and smooth, arousing interest about their different meanings. Making distinctions between these ideas is essential for making well-informed decisions in the field of shipping and receiving. This essay explores […]


Depending on the country, there may be differences in customs fees, requirements for clearing customs, and the precise procedure for clearing the goods. Companies might not be able to be aware of how customs clearance works in various regions. Making extra efforts to stay up to date with the most recent rules might not be […]

Tips to Choose The Right Air Freight Services 

The freight services for carrying cargo by air can be expensive compared to sea and land. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right service since you are paying a lump sum amount of money. However, it is challenging and confusing to find exemplary air freight service since there are several options in the market.  […]

6 Tips and Tricks for How to Get the Most From Your Courier Service

Couriers can be costly, especially if you’re sending something abroad or have a heavy or oversized package. The frequent sending of documents and merchandise can result in substantial costs for businesses. At UDS, We believe in providing the best value to our clients. This is why we have put together helpful information on how to […]


Due to the crisis in the Red Sea, there may be considerable delays in transit times.

The shipping companies reserve the right to levy surcharges for new shipments as well as for shipments already shipped.

We will charge these 1:1 according to the display.